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中国文化旅游网(创立于2002年9月25日“世界旅游日(World Tourism Day)”前夕,当年的“世界旅游日”主题是“经济旅游:可持续发展的关键”。



About Julie

JulieI adopted a 100% plant-based diet in 2006 as part of a plan to clear up my chronically congested skin. It started as a shockingly effective, fully natural way to beat a condition that my dermatologists couldn’t fix for years. Now, it has become a passion, and a way of life that I love.

Going vegan for my skin pushed me to eat more consciously and cook more at home. I started waking up to the quality of my ingredients, the way flavors and textures combine, and the joy of sharing food with others. In short, after years of snacking on cookies and milk, and “cooking” soup from a can -

I finally got some Food Sense.

It wasn’t easy. I could no longer eat some of my mom’s signature dishes, because they contained dairy. Sometimes, I had to eat at home before going out with my friends - because I knew there wouldn’t be anything for me at the chosen restaurant. I could have gotten a lot more sleep if I stuck to frozen and prepared meals, instead of teaching myself to cook (a seemingly major sacrifice, as I needed all of my energy to teach 5th grade at the time).

But, more importantly, for me -

The act of preparing and putting great food into my body relieved stress, cleared my mind, and set the stage for productivity.

It was empowering to be able to kick illnesses without popping a bunch of pills.

There was simply nothing that tasted as good, or felt as good, as a home cooked, well executed, and plant-based meal.

So, five years later, here I am. I love farmer’s markets, recipe blogs, cooking with (let’s be honest) for my husband, connecting with others who love this life, and watching plant-based eating gain traction across the country. I live in Philadelphia, where I could read and write in cafes all day, enjoy trying to plate my everyday dishes like they belong on Top Chef, and can’t get through the week without quesadillas.